Thomas Saïas

I am a Professor of Community Psychology at the University of Quebec. I have been working in the field of early childhood prevention for the last 15 years. In France, I have developed several public-orientated services of prevention (CAPEDP, PANJO, Petits pas Grands pas) which were the first interventions based on research ever led in the country. In Quebec and in France, I am involved in several research projects aiming to identify the facilitators for the success of public (governmental) preventative interventions.

Antoine Guedeney

Medical studies in Paris in pediatrics, adult psychiatry and child psychiatry.
Army service as volunteer in Chad, 1978, medical service. Full training in psychoanalysis Institut de psychanalyse de Paris. Full professor of child and adolescent psychiatry and head of the department. President of the World Association of Infant Mental Health (WAIMH) 2008-2012.
Research grants on early prevention (CAPDEp study, 2005-2011), withdrawal behavior in infancy (ADBB scale)

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