Research Spotlight: The First 2,000 Days and Child Skills: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment of Home Visiting

Orla Doyle finds that Preparing for Life, an intensive early childhood intervention program, had substantial impacts of children’s cognitive, social, and behavioral development.

Featured Video: Sara Jaffee on the Interplay Between Experience and Biology

MIP network member Sara Jaffee discusses her work studying how experiences across the life cycle become biologically embedded.

Featured Video: Richard V. Reeves on the Myth of Meritocracy

"I've always had this sense that fairness lies not in the gaps between rich and poor, but in the opportunities there are to swap places," MIP network leader Richard V. Reeves discusses his work on intergenerational mobility.

Featured Article: 3 Questions with Chih Ming Tan

"Do the most vulnerable in the global community...face barriers to economic success and development that hold them down across generations?" MIP network member Chih Ming Tan on economic mobility and inequality.

New Research: An Analysis of the Memphis Nurse-Family Partnership Program, by James J. Heckman et al.

James Heckman and co-authors found that the home-visiting programs in this study had positive long- and short-term effects for both mothers and their children.