Perry Preschool: Intergenerational Effects

In new research, HCEO Co-Director James J. Heckman and CEHD Predoctoral Fellow Ganesh Karapakula find significant second-generation effects on education, employment, health, crime, and other life outcomes.

The University of Chicago Policy Forum: Assessing the Contributions of Behavioral Economics to Economic Science

Watch the video from the inaugural University of Chicago Policy Forum, held April 25, 2019

Research Spotlight: Inequality of Opportunity in Education: Accounting for the Contributions of Sibs, Schools and Sorting across East Africa

ECI/HI network member Jere Behrman and his co-authors analyze the joint effects of household resources and schooling quality in the context of low-income countries

Research Spotlight: Motherhood and the Gender Productivity Gap

"Motherhood is central to the discussion of the gender pay gap," writes MIP network member Yana Gallen in her recent HCEO working paper

Kjell Salvanes on the Mechanisms of Mobility

MIP network member Kjell Salvanes met with HCEO to discuss his research on inequality and the development of the Scandinavian welfare state.