Featured Video: Erika Claud on Preterm Infant Health Outcomes

"I can’t fix poverty. But if I can understand the role of the microbiome that's affected by an infant's environment and how that impacts brain development, then maybe I can mitigate some of those factors."

Research Spotlight: Intergenerational Health Mobility in the US

MIP network member Bhashkar Mazumder and his co-authors find that there is greater health mobility than income mobility in the US.

Featured Interview: Marie-Claire Arrieta on the Link Between Microbes and Asthma

"We now understand that when changes occur to the microbes that live in our gut, this can either increase or decrease the risk of developing asthma later on."

3 Questions with Felicia Ionescu

“Individuals do not make human capital investment in isolation but in the context of a rich set of choices, constraints, and sources of risk.”