Jamaican Study Shows Early Childhood Stimulation Benefits Last

Study Shows Lasting Gains from Early Childhood Stimulation in Jamaica.

In case you missed it:

Video is now available from the Conference on Prejudice and Stigma, where scholars from across the social sciences gathered to discuss ways to improve the theory and empirical methods behind research on research related to inequality.

COVID-19 Research and Information

Many HCEO members are at the forefront of coronavirus-related research, examining areas ranging from unemployment numbers to the healthcare system to housing policy.

Research Spotlight: Lessons from Denmark about Inequality and Social Mobility

New research from HCEO Director James Heckman and MIP network member Rasmus Landerso shows that despite profound differences in social policies, inequality by family background is similar in the US and Denmark.


Children who are older when they start school do better–and their early success leads their parents to invest more in their education with lasting benefits.