3 Questions with Steven Durlauf

"My advice for economists is always the same, and that is: read outside economics." HCEO Co-director Steven Durlauf on what makes a good economist and what areas of research are in need of further study, in our 3 Questions series.

Work Incentives of Medicaid Beneficiaries and the Role of Asset Testing

Does Medicaid distort work incentives? Svetlana Pashchenko and her co-author examine whether asset testing should be used in means-tested programs.

Student Loans and Repayment: Theory, Evidence and Policy

"Can today's college students borrow enough? Or, are they borrowing too much?" June's Research Spotlight examines student loan program design via our "Student Loans and Repayment" working paper by Lance Lochner and Alexander Monge-Naranjo.

Summer School on Socioeconomic Inequality Chicago 2016

The 2016 Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Global Working Group Summer Schools on Socioeconomic Inequality will provide a state-of-the-art overview on the study of inequality and human flourishing.