Director of Center for Addictions, Personality and Emotion Research
University of Maryland
Network Member

Dr. Carl Lejuez is the Director of Center for Addictions, Personality and Emotion Research at the University of Maryland. He joined the Clinical Psychology Program at the University of Maryland in 2001 and was promoted to Professor in 2008. Dr. Lejuez's research is translational in nature, applying laboratory methods to understand real world clinical problems and then applying this knowledge to develop novel assessment and treatment strategies. His research spans the clinical domains of addictions, personality pathology, and mood disorders, and he is most interested in the common processes across these conditions. In service of these research interests, Dr. Lejuez holds several key leadership positions including Founder and Director of the Center for Addictions, Personality, and Emotion Research (CAPER), Director of a NIDA T32 institutional training grant at the intersection of basic science and addictions treatment development, and Founding Editor of the APA Journal Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment.

Lejuez received his Ph.D. in 2000 from West Virginia University and completed a Clinical Internship at the Brown University Brown Clinical Psychology Training Consortium in 2000.