Professor, Canada Research Chair in Child Development
Université Laval
L'École de Psychologie
Network Member

Michel Boivin is a Professor of Psychology at Université Laval, Canada Research Chair in Child Development, and Director of the Research Unit on Children's Psychosocial Maladjustment (GRIP). Boivin was previously (2000-05) a senior fellow of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). He leads a program of research on the biological, psychological, and social components of child development, a program that is mainly anchored to population-based longitudinal studies of children, including the Quebec Longitudinal Study of Child Development and the Quebec Newborn Twin Study. The goals of this program of research, for which he has received more than $14M in funding over the years, is to understand the role of genetic and environmental factors in various aspects of human development, including social behaviors, the stress response, school readiness and achievement, parent-child interactions, and peer relations. Boivin has published more than 200 articles and book chapters in leading international journals in psychology, psychiatry and paediatrics. He also leads the Strategic Knowledge Cluster on Early Child Development (SRC-ECD), a pan-Canadian consortium for knowledge mobilization on this issue. The SRC-ECD supports the construction of the Encyclopaedia on Early Childhood Development, of which he is an editor. Michel Boivin is a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and has recently presided over a RSC expert panel on early childhood development.

Boivin received his Ph.D. in Psychology, and undertook postdoctoral studies at the University of Denver and the University of Colorado Boulder.