Professor of Psychology
Colgate University
Network Member

Rebecca L. Shiner is Associate Professor, Presidential Scholar, and Chair of Psychology at Colgate University. She served as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Personality from 2004-2008, an executive board member of the Association for Research in Personality, and a consultant to the DSM-V Working Group on Personality Disorders. Dr. Shiner's research centers on temperament and personality development in childhood and adolescence, including structure, stability, and change, and the links between personality and life outcomes. She has particular interest in the pathways through which childhood and adolescent personality traits contribute to the development of personality disorders and other forms of psychopathology.

Shiner received a B.A. from Haverford College in 1990, and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Minnesota in 1998. She completed her clinical internship at the University of Rochester in 1999.