Emerita Professor of International Child Health
University College London
Network Member

Sally Grantham-McGregor worked at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica for 30+ years where she developed a program of research into development of disadvantaged children, factors affecting their development and interventions aimed at improving it. She focused on low cost approaches that were feasible to go to scale. The group conducted many intervention trials of stimulation and/or nutritional supplementation with different types of high risk children. All the interventions produced benefits to children's development, (cognition and behaviour) which were sustained in the 3 that were followed up. She moved to the University College London 16 years ago,from where she worked on similar projects in many developing countries. She continues to work in Bangladesh and Colombia. She continues to collaborate with the Jamaican group which under Prof Sue Walker is currently testing different approaches to adding child development component to existing health services.

Fields of Study