Raquel Bernal
Michele Giannola
Milagros Nores

Extensive research has shown comprehensive early interventions can improve the developmental outcomes of disadvantaged children. However, the evidence on the effectiveness of high-quality center-based programs for young children in developing countries is still scarce, where programs are typically of low quality and only short-term impacts have been assessed. This paper reports short and medium-run effects from a high-quality early education intervention characterized by key elements of process quality such as project and play-based learning and rich adult-child interactions, on children younger than four years of age in two communities in northern Colombia. We find strong positive effects on cognitive development and health, and no significant impacts on socioemotional development.

Publication Type
Working Paper
File Description
First version, August 2022
JEL Codes
J13: Fertility; Family Planning; Child Care; Children; Youth
I10: Health, Education, and Welfare, General
I20: Education and Research Institutions: General
H43: Project Evaluation; Social Discount Rate
early childhood development
early education
impact evaluation