Giovanni Gallipoli

Giovanni Gallipoli is Associate Professor in the Vancouver School of Economics at the University of British Columbia. The general theme of Gallipoli's research relates to the role of heterogeneity in shaping both individual behaviors and aggregate economic outcomes. Dr.

Pierre-André Chiappori

Pierre-André Chiappori is the E. Rowan and Barbara Steinschneider Professor of Economics at Columbia University. He taught in France (Paris 1, EHESS, Ecole Polytechnique, ENSAE) before joining the University of Chicago as Professor of Economics. He has been a faculty member at Columbia since 2004. His research focuses on household behavior, risk, insurance and contract theory, general equilibrium and mathematical economics.

Alberto Bisin

Alberto Bisin is a Professor of Economics at New York University. He is also a fellow of the NBER, IGIER at Bocconi University, CESS at NYU, CIREQ at the Université de Montreal. He is Associate Editor of the Journal of Economic Theory, of Economic Theory, and of Research in Economics. His main contributions are in the fields of Social Economics, Financial Economics, and Behavioral Economics. He is a co-editor of the Handbook of Social Economics. He is also the founding editor of