Peter Rupert

Peter Rupert serves as Chair of UCSB's Department of Economics, Executive Director of the Economic Forecast Project, and Associate Director of the Laboratory for Aggregate Economics and Finance, founded by Nobel Laureate and Henley Professor of Economics, Finn E. Kydland. Prior to joining UCSB, Dr.

Christopher Flinn

Christopher Flinn is Professor of Economics at New York University, a Senior Research Fellow at the Collegio Carlo Alberto (Moncalieri, Italy), and is an Associate Editor of the International Economic Review, European Economic Review, and Review of Economics of the Household. He is a Research Affiliate of the Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Research Fellow of IZA (Bonn), a member of the Scientific Committee of CHILD at the University of Torino, and served as the President of the European Society for Population Economics (ESPE) in 2004.

Daniela Del Boca

Daniela Del Boca is a Professor of Economics at the University of Turin, Fellow of Collegio Carlo Alberto, Research Associate of the Institute of Human Development and Social Change at NYU (IHDSC) and Director of the Center for Household Income, Labour and Demographic economics (CHILD). She has published several books and articles in the area of Labor Economics and the Economics of the Family, including The American Economic Review, Journal of Human Resources, Journal of Population Economics,Labour Economics, the Review of Income and Wealth, European Economic Review and Oxford Economic Pape

Martin Browning

Martin Browing is currently Professor of Economics at Oxford University, a Fellow of Nuffield College and Director of the Centre for Applied Microeconometrics in Copenhagen. He is also a Fellow and European Council Member of the Econometric Society and a Fellow of the British Academy. His primary research interests are in applied microeconometrics with a particular emphasis on individual and household behaviour and accounting for heterogeneity.

Browning received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. from LSE in 1979 and 1981, respectively, and his Ph.D. from Tilburg University in 1993.

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