Rebecca Shiner

Rebecca L. Shiner is Associate Professor, Presidential Scholar, and Chair of Psychology at Colgate University. She served as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Personality from 2004-2008, an executive board member of the Association for Research in Personality, and a consultant to the DSM-V Working Group on Personality Disorders. Dr. Shiner's research centers on temperament and personality development in childhood and adolescence, including structure, stability, and change, and the links between personality and life outcomes.

Bob Krueger

Robert F. Krueger, Ph.D., is Hathaway Distinguished Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota. He completed his undergraduate and graduate work at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and his clinical internship at Brown University. Professor Krueger's major interests lie at the intersection of research on personality, psychopathology, disorders of personality, psychometrics, and behavior genetics.