We are pleased to announce that CEHD's Research Network On The Determinants Of Life Course Capabilities and Outcomes initiative will provide three travel grants for students attending HCEO's 2017 Summer School on Socioeconomic Inequality in Chicago.

To be elibigle, students must be working on a research project related to one of the Network's four focus areas:

1. Methodological research on measurement, causality, and mechanisms

2. Linking social science and genetics

3. Understanding the evolution of capabilities across the life course

4. Developmental origins of health

Students who wish to be considered for the travel grant must provide a 250-word statement on how their work relates to the research areas of the Network, and how their future work will benefit from attending SSSI Chicago 2017. Applying for the travel grant is part of the SSSI application.
HCEO thanks the Research Network On The Determinants Of Life Course Capabilities and Outcomes initiative for its generous funding for our travel grants. Please contact coordinator.hceo@uchicago.edu with any questions.
Click here to apply for SSSI Chicago 2017 (travel grant application included.)