Associate Professor
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Network Member

Ariel Knafo is an associate professor at the Psychology Department, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research focuses on the development and consequences of values and of prosocial behavior, combining approaches from developmental, social, and cross-cultural psychology. His doctoral work at The Hebrew University on intergenerational value transmission, has evolved into current research on how value priorities in adolescence develop in different contexts, considering different aspects opf adoelscetns' identity. Following postdoctoral training in behavior genetics at the Institute of Psychiatry, London, he developed a research program interested in the genetic and environmental contributions to empathy, prosocial behavior and altruism. Results have prompted his interest in the joint contributions of genetics and parenting to generosity, particularly, how children's genetics affect their own behavior and the way parents react to them, as well as how early life events affect the way children's innate tendencies are expressed in family processes relevant to generosity development.