Technical Secretariat for International Affairs
Hemispheric Network of Legislators and Former Legislators for Early Childhood
Network Member

Dr. Gaby Fujimoto currently serves as Technical Secretariat for International Affairs for the Hemispheric Network of Legislators and Former Legislators for Early Childhood. Previously, she held the position of Senior Specialist in Education at the Organization of American States (OAS). In the last twenty-five years, Dr. Fujimoto has worked as senior advisor regarding the following: policy, programs and services for early childhood, quality in education, teachers, indigenous populations, projects, program management, institutional strengthening, evaluation, and curriculum. Dr. Fujimoto has been a leader in the development of policies, programs, projects, and innovative services relating to early childhood, indigenous education, teachers, and elementary school education for Latin America and the Caribbean. She advises and works with technical networks and government entities, specialists in education and social issues, legislators, members of civil society, the business community, and entrepreneurs dedicated to early childhood development. She has also served as consultant to the World Bank. Prior to her employment at the OAS, she worked for UNICEF and the Ministry of Education in Peru. Dr. Fujimoto has led and participated in research, development, and evaluation of multidisciplinary and multinational projects. She has also received various accolades for her distinguished, professional contributions which include being named exemplary guest by the legislature of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina in April 2008; receiving a gold medal from the Ministry of Women in Peru in November 2008; receiving the seal and resolution from the District in Carabayllo in Lima, Peru as distinguished guest for all her work on behalf of children's rights; the naming of the 2008, 2010, and 2012 graduating classes of the CENDI early childhood development centers in Monterrey and Morelia, Mexico in her honor; and being awarded with a "Varayoc" at the First World Congress on Neuroscience in Lima, Peru in August 2010. Her books and research articles on early childhood are widely cited as leading sources of information on this subject in the Western Hemisphere.

Gaby Fujimoto received a Doctorate of Science in Education from the National University of Education in Lima, Peru.

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