Anand Acharya
Lynda Khalaf
Marcel Voia
Myra Yazbeck
David Wensley
Severity of illness scores may introduce or perpetuate bias when used to ration or prioritize intensive care. Using an economic framework that accounts for both demand and supply-side pathways, we fi nd direct physiology to be the relevant driver of intensive care utilization. A deeper implication and key take-away is that (i) including treatments and diagnosis in severity scores provides a channel to perpetuate bias in the triage process and (ii) evidence of this bias is drawn from unobserved patient-level factors working from both demand and supply-side directions.
Publication Type
Working Paper
File Description
First version, January 19, 2021
JEL Codes
I10: Health, Education, and Welfare, General
I14: Health and Inequality
intensive care triage
child health
rank instrumental variable