Betina Jean-Louis

Betina Jean-Louis, Ph.D., is the Director of Evaluation for the Harlem Children's Zone. Dr. Jean Louis has spearheaded HCZ's evaluation efforts since March 2002. In this capacity, she assesses the impact of a variety of programs that are key to the short- and long-term success of poor children and families living in the zone. Dr.

Guanglei Hong

Dr. Guanglei Hong is Professor in the Comparative Human Development Department and the Committee on Education at the University of Chicago. She is the inaugural Chair of the Committee on Quantitative Methods in Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences at the University.

Tom Hoffer

Thomas Hoffer, Ph.D., has been with NORC for over 20 years, and brings nearly three decades of experience working on the design, execution and analysis of education surveys. Most of Hoffer's analysis and writing has been oriented toward policy and program evaluation. He currently serves as Principal Investigator for the NSF's Graduate Research Fellowship Program evaluation.

Elizabeth Groginsky

Elizabeth Grokinski is the Assistant Superitendent of Early Learning for the District of Columbia Office of the State Superintendent of Education. Prior to working with the Early Childhood Data Collaborative (ECDC), Groginsky served as Director of Early Childhood Education for United Way Worldwide. In this position, she provided direction and support to United Ways in the development of their local early childhood strategies and activities focused on impact and system improvement.

Gaby Fujimoto

Dr. Gaby Fujimoto currently serves as Technical Secretariat for International Affairs for the Hemispheric Network of Legislators and Former Legislators for Early Childhood. Previously, she held the position of Senior Specialist in Education at the Organization of American States (OAS). In the last twenty-five years, Dr. Fujimoto has worked as senior advisor regarding the following: policy, programs and services for early childhood, quality in education, teachers, indigenous populations, projects, program management, institutional strengthening, evaluation, and curriculum. Dr.

Greg Duncan

Duncan spent the first 25 years of my career at the University of Michigan working on and ultimately directing the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) data collection project. Since 1968, the PSID has collected economic, demographic, health, behavior and attainment data from a representative sample of U.S. individuals and the households in which they reside. With these and other data he studied the economic mobility of the U.S. population, both within and across generations, with a particular focus on low-income families.

Fabienne Doucet

Fabienne Doucet is an Associate Professor of Education at New York University. Doucet brings an interdisciplinary perspective to her research and teaching in Early Childhood Education, given her training in human development and family studies, which stands at the crossroads of developmental psychology, sociology, and anthropology. Her research program addresses the educational experiences of immigrant and U.S.-born children of color and their families, with a particular focus on Haitian immigrants.

Luis Benveniste

Luis Benveniste is the Practice Director for the Education Global Practice of the World Bank. He was a co-author of the World Development Report 2012: Gender Equality and Development. Some of his recent publications include Teaching in Cambodia (2008), with J. Marshall and M. Araujo, Teaching in Lao PDR (2008), with J. Marshall and L. Santibaez, "The political structuration of assessment: Negotiating State power and legitimacy," in A.H. Halsey, P. Brown, H. Lauder & J. Dillabough (eds.), Education: Globalisation and Social Change (2006) and All Else Equal (2003), with M.

Alejandro Belmont

Alejandro R. Belmont is Founder and Executive Director at Lincos, a non-profit applied think tank working on improving children's learning capacity in vulnerable populations. Previously, he has led teams in Peru and the U.S. and in both public and private sectors, conducting psychological interventions at psychiatric hospitals, and education research in childhood, adolescent and adult populations.

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