Lawrence Schweinhart

Larry Schweinhart is an early childhood program researcher and speaker throughout the United States and in other countries. He has conducted research at the HighScope Educational Research Foundation in Ypsilanti, Michigan, since 1975 and served as its president since 2003. He became president emeritus in 2013. He has directed the HighScope Perry Preschool Study through age 40, the Michigan School Readiness Program Evaluation, HighScope's Head Start Quality Research Center, and the development and validation of the Child Observation Record.

Alessandra Schneider

Psychologist graduated from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in 1993. Specialist in Perinatal Health, Early Childhood Education and Development. Master Degree on Psychology, with focus on early childhood development community-based programs. Training in Management and Designing of Social Programs and Policies at the Interamerican Institute for Social Development, in Washington-DC; and in Child Development and Interventions at the International Centre of Child Health, University of London, England.

Sophie Naudeau

Sophie Naudeau is a Senior Education Specialist in the Africa region at the World Bank. In this capacity, she is primarily responsible for leading the policy dialogue on the education portfolio in Mozambique, including on Early Childhood Development (ECD). Since joining the World Bank in 2005, Sophie worked in the EAP (East Asia and Pacific) and MENA (Middle-East and North Africa) regions, as well as in the Children and Youth Unit of the Human Development Network.

Daniel Epstein

Daniel Epstein is the Director of Government Relations for Learning Care Group, a leading private provider of early childhood education. Before joining the early childhood education community, Epstein worked in the British House of Commons, the U.S. House of Representatives, the Illinois Department of Employment Security, and at a global business best practices research firm. He also helped found and operate two education focused non-profit organizations.

Felix Elwert

Felix Elwert is Romnes Professor of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Current research projects include the consequences of neighborhood disadvantage for child educational outcomes, randomized field experiments on peer effects in education, and identification problems in observational studies. He is the 2018 winner of the Leo Goodman Award from the American Sociological Association, and the 2013 recipient of the first Causality in Statistics Education Award from the American Statistical Association.

Fabienne Doucet

Fabienne Doucet is an Associate Professor of Education at New York University. Doucet brings an interdisciplinary perspective to her research and teaching in Early Childhood Education, given her training in human development and family studies, which stands at the crossroads of developmental psychology, sociology, and anthropology. Her research program addresses the educational experiences of immigrant and U.S.-born children of color and their families, with a particular focus on Haitian immigrants.

Kimberly Boller

Dr. Kimberly Boller is the Senior Director for Science Affairs at the American Psychological Association. She has conducted policy and program research on early childhood services and systems in more than 10 countries and led strategy for a family foundation in New Jersey dedicated to partnering for systems change in early childhood and health. Her research in the United States has focused on Early Head Start; home visiting to prevent child maltreatment; and child care quality, rating, and improvement systems.

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