Salvador Navarro

Salvador Navarro is a Professor of Economics and W. Glenn Campbell Fellow at the University of Western Ontario. He is also affiliated with the Institute for Research on Poverty and the Center for Demography and Ecology at Wisconsin. His research focuses on questions of identification in applied microeconomics problems.

Friedhelm Pfeiffer

Friedhelm Pfeiffer studied economics at the Universities of Freiburg i. Br., Bern (Switzerland) and Mannheim. He is a senior researcher at the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) and a lecturer at the University of Mannheim, Department of Economics. For his research on the determinants of self-employment and on wage rigidities in the German system of wage determination he received several scientific awards, among others the Wolfgang-Ritter Award.

Stefano Mosso

Stefano Mosso is a Quantitative Strategist at Aquatic Capital Management. His current research focuses on issues related to labor economics and econometrics with particular attention to the study of the returns to education, the dynamics of the labor market and the determinants of inequality. He received a Laurea in Political Science from the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa, a Double Degree in International Political Economy from Sciences-Po Paris and the London School of Economics and a Master in Economics from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Bei Liu

Dr. Bei Liu is Senior Program Manager at the China Development Research Foundation (CDRF), a Beijing-based policy research and advocacy organization founded by the Development Research Center (DRC) of the State Council. Her professional experiences concentrate on the design, implementation and evaluation of CDRF’s early childhood intervention programs. She currently works on China REACH, an integrated nutrition and psychosocial stimulation program for children at age 6-36 months. The project sites Dr.

Stephen Morgan

Stephen L. Morgan is the Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Education at Johns Hopkins University. His current areas of scholarly research include education, demography, public opinion, causal inference, and survey methodology. He also analyzes crime incident and arrest patterns in Baltimore City.

Costas Meghir

Meghir joined UCL in 1985, where I remained until 2010. He is currently Professor of Economics at Yale University. His research spans a broad set of fields, including family economics, household consumption, savings and labor supply behavior, wage determination and earnings dynamics, educational choice and its effects on wages and individual careers, the impact of quality of education, intergenerational transmission of education and health and the economics of crime.

Alexis Medina

Alexis Medina is the Program Manager for Health and Nutrition at the Rural Education Action Program (REAP) at Stanford University. She has been researching the economics of social issues in China for over ten years. She has extensive experience in international program management, including leading survey teams in rural China, overseeing the design and development of field projects, and coordinating data collection and analysis. She has co-authored several academic publications on the intersection of health and education in rural China.

Stephen Machin

Stephen Machin is Professor of Economics at University College London and Research Director of the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics. He is one of the Editors of the Economic Journal. Previously he has been visiting Professor at Harvard University (1993/4) and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2001/2). He is an fellow of the British Academy, has been President of the European Association of Labour Economists, is a Fellow of the Society of Labor Economists, a member of the UK Low Pay Commission and of the recently set up Tuition Fees Commission.

Tim Kautz

Tim Kautz is a Senior Researcher at Mathematica Policy Research. He was a co-organizer of HCEO's Conference on Measuring and Assessing Skills. Kautz is an editor and co-author of a book that explores the importance of social-emotional skills, “The Myth of Achievement Tests: The GED and the Role of Character in American Life.” His research interests include education, inequality, and health.

Guanglei Hong

Dr. Guanglei Hong is Professor in the Comparative Human Development Department and the Committee on Education at the University of Chicago. She is the inaugural Chair of the Committee on Quantitative Methods in Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences at the University.