Raquel Fernández

Raquel Fernández is a Professor in the Department of Economics at NYU. She is also a member of ESOP at the University of Oslo, the NBER, the CEPR, and IZA. She has previously been a tenured professor at the London School of Economics and Boston University and held visiting positions at various institutions around the world. She has served as the Director of the Public Policy Program of the CEPR and has been a Panel Member of the National Science Foundation and a Program Committee Member of the Social Science Research Council.

Miriam Gensowski

Miriam Gensowski is an Assistant Professor at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Economics. She obtained her Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Chicago. She gained research experience at the Economic Research Center of the University of Chicago, the economics department of Maastricht University (with Lex Borghans and Bas ter Weel), and the OFCE in Nice, France (with Jean-Luc Gaffard). 

Flavio Cunha

Flavio Cunha is a Professor of Economics at Rice University. He was previously Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Pennsylvania from 2007-2014. He is also a research associate at Penn's Population Studies Center. Cunha's research focuses on the causes and consequences of inequality and poverty. His interest is in the quantification of degree to which labor income inequality is the result of the preexisting heterogeneity present across workers before they enter the labor market and how much is due to labor market shocks.