Frances Campbell

Frances A. Campbell is a Senior Scientist at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute. During her 30 years with FPG, Campbell has been an integral part of FPG's history of serving as an objective, knowledgeable force for social change to enhance the lives of children and famiies. She has continued to gathr information on the positive influences of early intervention. Her work with the Abecedarian Project, which began with a group of infants in 1972, has followed these children as they have aged into adulthood.

Caterina Calsamiglia

Caterina Calsamiglia is an Associate Professor at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, a research fellow of the newborn MOVE, and an affiliated professor of the Barcelona GSE. Her work focuses on studying the economic implications of social justice for public policy design. She's studied how the provision of equality of opportunity can be decentralized through a set of policies; she's worked on the efficiency and fairness of different school choice mechanisms; she's also studied the effects of implementing affirmative action in discriminated tournaments.

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