The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's new Policies for Action program has awarded grants to several projects run by HCEO members. A total of six projects were named as grant recipients on Monday, October 25.
HCEO Co-director James Heckman and HI network member Dana Goldman will run, "The Health and Social Returns of Early Childhood Education." The project will assess "the long-term health and social returns to early childhood education."
MIP network member Jane Waldfogel and her co-investigator will run a project titled "The Effects of Paid Family Leave on Infant and Maternal Health Outcomes." It will "assess the health effects of California's paid family leave law."
ECI network member Amélie Petitclerc will "assess the impact of early childhood income supplements on long-term health."
Policies for Action (P4A) was founded in 2015. P4A funds "research identifying policies, laws, and regulations in the public and private sectors that can support the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s (RWJF’s) mission to build a Culture of Health." You can learn more about the program here.