Manuel Trajtenberg

Trajtenberg has been a Professor of Economics at Tel Aviv University since 1984. Currently he serves as a member of the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament for the (opposition) Labor Party, for which he was candidate for Finance Minister. Prof. Trajtenberg headed the Higher Education system in Israel from 2009 through 2014 (e.g. Chairman of the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council of Higher Education), and prior to that served as (first) Head of the National Economic Council at the Prime Minister Office (2006-2009).

Oksana Leukhina

Oksana Leukhina is a macro/growth economist. Within these broad areas, she is interested in topics that overlap with labor and financial economics.

She has contributed to the study of the long-run process of economic development, structural transformation, demographic change and family labor supply. Most recently, Leukhina is interested in questions pertaining to human capital accumulation at college level, working to quantify the amount of uncertainty and returns to college that various students face.

Andros Kourtellos

Andros Kourtellos is an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Cyprus. His primary research interests are econometrics, inequality, social mobility, economic growth, and macroeconomics. His work has documented the existence of status traps in intergenerational mobility, which can reduce the impact of favorable shocks or interventions for disadvantaged children and so hinder upward mobility. Recently, he also developed estimation and inference for a structural threshold regression model, which is particularly useful for the estimation of multiple equilibria and poverty traps.

B Ravikumar

Ravikumar's research on human capital covers a wide range of topics: from public education financing determined by the majority to economic growth and inequality. He has been a member of the faculty at the University of Virginia, the Pennsylvania State University and the University of Iowa. He is currently part of the Research Division at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

David Lagakos

David Lagakos is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of California San Diego. Previously, he has worked as an Assistant Professor of Economics at Arizona State University from 2009 to 2013. Before that he was a research economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. His research focuses on economic growth, productivity, human capital and labor markets.

Matthias Doepke

Matthias Doepke is a Professor of Economics at Northwestern University, an NBER Research Associate, and a CEPR Research Fellow. In 2005, he was awarded an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship. His research interests include economic growth and development, political economy, macroeconomics, and monetary economics. Recently, Doepke has worked population dynamics and economic growth, the political economy of child labor, endogenous preferences in macroeconomics, and redistributional effects of inflation.

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