Expected Results

1. Learn more about the scientific, economic, and political advances that benefit the achievement of the rights of children in Early Childhood.

2. Compare the progress and challenges of the legislative initiatives and actions in countries that form part of the Hemispheric Network of Legislators and Former Legislators for Early Childhood.

3. Establish work strategies with other associations of legislators to take place until 2013.

4. Identify work commissions in accordance with the Hemispheric Network and define commitments and concrete actions in order to expand the Network and promote legislative initiatives in favor of Early Childhood in the countries of the Hemisphere.

5. Strengthen management and policy design capacities for legislators and propose framework cooperation agreements with international organizations and parliaments: ParlaRED (Parliamentary Network for Education for All), Parlatino (Latin American), Parlacen (Central American), Andino (Andean), Indigena (Indigenous), and other institutions that develop concrete actions for Early Childhood.

6. Convene civil society and corporations in order to support the government sectors that develop services for Early Childhood.

7. Revise and approve Work Plan 2013 and priority actions of the Hemispheric Network and national networks of the countries.


Source: http://marcolegalprimeirainfancia.blogspot.com.br/2013/03/resultados.html