SSSI 2022 Bonn

The Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Global Working Group is delighted to announce its Annual Summer School on Socioeconomic Inequality (SSSI 2022), to be hosted by briq - Institute on Behavior & Inequality over 5 days, under the direction of Steven N. Durlauf (The University of Chicago), Armin Falk (briq and University of Bonn), and Pia Pinger (University of Cologne and briq).

SSSI 2022 will provide a state-of-the-art overview of the study of inequality and human flourishing. Participants will learn about integrating psychological and sociological perspectives into conventional economic models to understand the foundations of human behavior. Through rigorous lectures, students will be exposed to tools needed to study the dynamic processes that produce conditions of inequality and ways to address it.

During this intense program, students attend lectures, engage in discussions with leading faculty, present their own research, and interact with peers. Students are selected from a diverse, competitive applicant pool and represent many disciplines including: economics, public policy, sociology, social thought, and social work. Faculty are selected by SSSI directors. The summer school is open to Ph.D. and early postdoctoral scholars from around the world. There is no program fee for admitted students. To ensure everyone's safety, SSSI 2022 is being planned as a hybrid event with 10 students present in Bonn and 10 virtual attendees. However, depending on the pandemic situation, SSSI 2022 might change to a fully virtual format. Please note that to attend SSSI 2022 in person, participants must be fully vaccinated (i.e., you have received the maximum number of booster shots available in your country at the time of the event). Housing and some meals are provided for students attending in person.

Questions? Please contact us.