Ifat Levy

Ifat Levy is an assistant professor of comparative medicine and neurobiology at Yale School of Medicine. She was trained as a computational neuroscience, and as a graduate student she used functional MRI to study the visual cortex. During her postdoc training she turned to the field of decision-making, and has been studying the neural basis of decision-making ever since. Her lab's research focuses on decision-making under uncertainty. They study the effects of different types of uncertainty on valuation and choices and on their neural correlates.

Joseph Kable

Joseph Kable is Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Research in the Kable Lab seeks to understand how people make decisions, and to trace out the psychological and neural mechanisms of choice. The Lab employs an interdisciplinary approach to tackle these questions, drawing on methods and ideas from social and cognitive neuroscience, experimental economics, and personality psychology.

Richard Ebstein

Richard Ebstein is Professor in the Psychology Department at the National University of Singapore and Professor Emeritus in the Psychology Department at the Hebrew University. In Singapore, Ebstein along with Chew Soo Hong, is heading a group of researchers including economists, psychologists, neuroscientists and molecular geneticists investigating core issues in the nascent field of neuroeconomics.

Maria Casanova

Maria Casanova is an  Assistant Professor at California State University, Fullerton. Casanova's main research interest is on inter-temporal decisions of individuals and households, with a focus on labor supply and consumption/saving choices of older individuals. She has studied the sources of coordinated retirement decisions across spouses, the determinants of investment choices of individuals approaching retirement, and the nature and timing of wage declines as individuals age and their physical and cognitive abilities start deteriorating.

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