Xiaoyu Xia

Xiaoyu Xia a Senior Lecturer in Department of Economics at the University of Essex. Before joining Essex, she worked at the Chinese University of Hong Kong as an Assistant Professor. Her research fields are labor economics and behavioral economics. Xia's particular research interests are in youth labor market, education policy and China’s economy. Her recent research projects are focused on the empirical application of matching model in different labor market contexts, which include the taxi market, the marriage market, family living arrangements and college application.

Marion Goussé

Marion Goussé is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics at Laval University (Québec City). Her research interests are in labor economics and the economics of the family, including issues such as inequality and assortative mating, intra-household allocation of resources, women labor supply and discrimination.

Goussé received an M.Sc in Economics at ENSAE (Paris) in 2010 and a PhD in Economics from Sciences Po Paris in 2014.

Sarah Turner

Sarah Turner is University Professor of Economics and Education at the University of Virginia and a Research Associate with the National Bureau of Economic Research. Turner's research focuses on both the supply and demand sides of the education market and the link with the labor market, with particular attention to how public policies affect outcomes.

James Smith

James P. Smith holds the Distinguished Chair in Labor Markets and Demographic Studies at the RAND Corporation. He is currently principal investigator for the New Immigrant Survey, a cost-effective survey that yields adequate sample size of the foreign-born, has known sampling properties, permits longitudinal analyses, and can answer policy questions of particular relevance to immigration.

John Karl Scholz

John Karl Scholz is the economics department chair and the Nellie June Gray Professor of Economic Policy at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. In 1997-98 he was the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Tax Analysis at the U.S. Treasury Department, and from 1990-91 he was a senior staff economist at the Council of Economic Advisors. He directed the Institute for Research on Poverty at UW-Madison from 2000-2004.

Robert Moffitt

Robert Moffitt is the Krieger-Eisenhower Professor of Economics at Johns Hopkins University, where he has worked since September 1995. Prior to assuming his position at Johns Hopkins, Professor Moffitt was Professor of Economics at Brown University, where he taught for eleven years. Professor Moffitt's research is on the economics of the labor market, the family, and welfare systems for the poor. He has also studied statistical, econometric, and methodological issues in economics and other social science research, including a focus on data quality issues. Dr.

David Lagakos

David Lagakos is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of California San Diego. Previously, he has worked as an Assistant Professor of Economics at Arizona State University from 2009 to 2013. Before that he was a research economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. His research focuses on economic growth, productivity, human capital and labor markets.

Katja Maria Kaufmann

Katja Maria Kaufmann is assistant professor at the Department of Economics at Mannheim University. Her research interests are at the intersection of development and labor economics, family economics, economics of education, and the study of inequality and intergenerational mobility.

She received her B.A. and M.A. (Diplom) in Economics from Cologne University (Germany) as well as a Ph.D. and M.A. degree from Economics at Stanford University (USA).

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