Research presented at the Family Economics and Human Capital in the Family Workshop shed new light on issues of marriage patterns, women's labor force participation, parental investments in children, child poverty, and child-parent decision-making. Among the diverse insights in work presented at the conference were:

  • The startling fact that changes in cohort size alone appear to explain a large fraction of the variation in marriage rates over time.
  • That poverty may be starkly higher at the individual level than it is when measured at the household level only.
  • That parents may underinvest in children not only because they are time constrained, but also because they underestimate the value of such investments.

As Pierre-Andre Chiappori, the group leader of the Family Inequality Network, mentioned in introductory remarks, a major focus of the network is promoting cutting edge research by young scholars. This ensures that important issues of family welfare continue to be explored by the next generation of researchers. The papers shared at the conference provide a rich basis for such future work.