Research is developing rapidly during the COVID-19 pandemic, a time when the public needs access to factual information. Many HCEO members are at the forefront of coronavirus-related research, examining areas ranging from unemployment numbers to the healthcare system to housing policy. Below you can find links to a range of research and writing from our members. We will update with new research as it becomes available.



HI/MIP network member Kate Pickett and co-authors how COVID-19 has exposed inequalities in the UK food system

In another project, Kate Pickett and colleagues are assessing the impact of COVID on vulnerable groups in the UK

In a randomized field experiment in seven states, ECI network member Plamen Nikolov examine the economic determinants for social distancing

MIP network member Bertil Tungodden and colleagues explore how the pandemic has changed American attitudes on solidarity and inequality and luck

America's inequalities are being further increased by COVID-19, finds ECI network member Teodora Boneva and co-authors

Teodora Boneva and colleagues on the large and unequal impact of COVID-19 on workers

Inequality in the Impact of the Coronavirus Shock: Evidence from Real Time Surveys

  • In this working paper, Abi Adams-Prassl, Teodora Boneva, Marta Golin, and Christopher Rauh show that, in the US and UK, the impacts of COVID-19 containment measures are highly unequal and exacerbate existing inequalities

The Impact of the Coronavirus Lockdown on Mental Health: Evidence from the US, by ECI network member Teodora Boneva and co-authors

COVID-19: Exacerbating Educational Inequalities? by ECI network member Orla Doyle


Early Childhood

MIP network member Ariel Kalil spoke to USA Today about how low-income families will face more stress and have less access to resources during the crisis

Emma Tominey, an ECI network member, and co-authors examine children’s socio-emotional skills and the home environment

Research by Markets network member Matthias Doepke and co-authors on how COVID-19 is exacerbating inequalities in education was featured in The Economist

Supporting parents and children in the early years during (and after) the COVID-19 crisis, by HI network member Gabriella Conti

On University College London's COVID-19 podcast, HI network member Gabriella Conti discusses the effects of the coronavirus on inequality, mothers, and children


Unemployment and Markets

Predicting Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims Using Google Trends

  • In advance of each week’s release, MIP network members Aaron Sojourner and Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham construct harmonized news-based measures of UI claims in a state over various sets of consecutive days. They forecast state and national UI claims using the estimated daily model.

Markets network member Lars Peter Hansen discusses how quantitative models can help policy makers respond to COVID-19

Markets can improve rationing of medical supplies, writes MIP network leader Scott Kominers

Price gouging represents a shift in essential goods from the poor to the wealthy at the worst time, according to Scott Kominers

Paying It Backward and Forward: Expanding Access to Convalescent Plasma Therapy Through Market Design, by HCEO members Scott Kominers and Parag Pathak, and co-authors


Information and Misinformation

The Relation between Media Consumption and Misinformation at the Outset of the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic in the US, by Kathleen Hall Jamieson IP network member Dolores Albarracin

Demand for protective gear and Covid-19 information in the UK, by FI network members Climent Quintana-Domeque and Sonia Oreffice


Impact in China

China’s early warning system didn’t work on COVID-19, writes MIP network member Dali Yang

Dali Yang provides insight into the early actions in Wuhan

Policy Impact

COVID-19 is a global problem that needs a global solution, says Markets network member Raghuram Rajan

COVID-19 Housing Policy Scorecard

  • To better understand the steps states have taken to prevent homelessness during and after the pandemic, the Eviction Lab, directed by MIP network member Matthew Desmond, and Columbia Law School’s Professor Emily Benfer have developed a policy scorecard for each state, distilling the contents of thousands of newly-released emergency orders, declarations, and legislation into a clear set of critical measures included in, and left out of, state-level pandemic responses related to eviction and housing.

Optimal Management of an Epidemic: An Application to COVID-19. A Progress Report, by Markets network member Carlos Garriga, Rody Manuelli, and Siddhartha Sanghi

MIP network member Matthew Desmond spoke to NPR about what states are doing to help renters